The “Daftare Del” Album has been released, 31st May 2021

After releasing the “Rahe Roya” album, its main purpose was reviving the neglected part of Iranian music and adapting it to modern harmony and orchestration. This new album is dedicated to you as “Daftare Del.”

In this album, we have tried, in addition to following the past goals (using modern harmony and orchestration), more visual and narrative spaces in the arrangement of the pieces in order to express Iranian traditional music, employing most classical and global music capacities as well. Also, in writing the lyrics, simple words have been used intentionally despite keeping the ancient authenticity of poems.

Special Thanks to Mohsen Mollaghadimi and Mohammad Kord, who helped me greatly in this album as a songwriter and vocal-recording supervisor.

Amir Hossein Taei

Spring 2020-Tehran


Listen Here