The “Rahe Roya” Album has been released, 14th Sep 2017

The aim was to shape this work with a fresh perspective on Iranian music. Therefore, by looking at the recent history of Iranian music, it is evident that the evolution of Iranian music has transitioned from a monophonic structure to a more complex one, slowly and for various reasons. Often, a significant portion of Iranian music, which needs further examination to align with global music trends, has been overlooked. Our approach in this collection has been to revive the neglected part of Iranian music (opposing the traditional three-time signatures, Afshari, Abu Ata, etc.) and adapt it to more modern harmonies and orchestrations. We hope our efforts in this direction will encourage Iranian composers to pay more attention than ever to all aspects of Iranian music, with a modern perspective, while considering the sensitive Iranian audience.

I must express my gratitude to my supportive friends, the esteemed Professor Homayoun Rahimian, who assisted me in all stages of producing this work; the distinguished artist Mohsen Malaqadimi, who played a crucial role in creating meaningful lyrics and delightful melodies; the respected artist Armin Tajbakhsh, who, in addition to performing the work, showed the utmost kindness in composing and arranging the pieces, and also to my dear family.

Amir Hossein Taei

Tehran, Summer 2017



  • Violin Solo: Homayoun Rahimian
  • Violin and Viola: Koosha Sarrafi Gohar, Amir Hossein Taei
  • Cello: Behrang Motamedi, Koosha Sarrafi Gohar
  • Flute: Roshanak Nooshi
  • Oboe: Farshid Hafezi Fard
  • Clarinet: Faramarz Nivpour
  • Piano: Amir Hossein Taei
  • Ney: Amir Azad
  • Kamancheh: Koosha Sarrafi Gohar
  • Santoor: Ali Ghorbani Hakim
  • Tar: Pooria Mohammadi
  • Percussion: Ali Naraghian

Recording Supervisor: Mohammad Kord

Mixing and Mastering: Amir Hossein Taei

Producers: Sepehr Sahabi

Executive Director: Hani Golpayani

Coordinator Manager: Amir Taei

Special Thanks: Mehdi Jahani, Omid Tajdoost


Listen Here