Orchestra Collaborations

My musical journey has been significantly enriched through collaborations with esteemed orchestras, including the Iran National Orchestra, Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, Aiso Symphonic Orchestra, Alborz Symphonic Orchestra, Mehr Orchestra, Raz o Niaz Band, and Chakavak Orchestra. These partnerships, alongside accomplished musicians and celebrated conductors, have illuminated my dedication to upholding Iran's rich musical legacy while showcasing my multifaceted expertise. From captivating audiences alongside the Iran National Orchestra to weaving harmonies with the Chakavak Orchestra and Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, I've demonstrated my adaptable musical prowess. By seamlessly intertwining my roles as a traditional vocalist, composer, and sound engineer, the stage has become a dynamic platform for my commitment to engineering and the world of music. As I continue this harmonious journey, I aspire to elevate Iran's musical heritage while spotlighting my diverse talents.

Orchestral Collaborations

Embarking on harmonious journeys with renowned orchestras has been integral to my musical life. These collaborations showcase my prowess as a violin and viola player, composer, traditional vocalist, and sound engineer while echoing my commitment to preserving Iran's musical heritage.

Iran National Orchestra

Captivating audiences with mesmerizing performances

Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra

Making great perform on authentic stages

Aiso Symphonic Orchestra

Melding talents to create extraordinary symphonies

Alborz Symphonic Orchestra

Enriching musical landscapes through collaboration

Chakavak Orchestra

Intertwining cultural threads in harmonious ensembles

Raz o Niaz Band

Breathing soulful melodies into our collaborative creations

Dynamic Band Collaborations

Much like my exceptional collaboration with Mehdi Jahani, I've been an integral part of dynamic Band ensembles. With every note I play, I contribute to the intricate tapestry of melodies, weaving together a harmonious experience that transcends musical boundaries. Just as my partnership with Mehdi Jahani highlighted our shared commitment to musical excellence, my involvement in various orchestral performances underscores my passion for creating transformative musical moments

Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation

Uniting tradition and innovation, my journey weaves Persian heritage with modern creativity. From renowned orchestras like the Iran National Orchestra to soulful melodies with the Raz o Niaz Band, I bridge tradition and contemporary expression. These collaborations highlight my commitment to Iran's cultural legacy in a changing musical landscape.

Selected Published Works

Highlighting my contributions to Iranian literature and culture through a curated selection of publications

Rahe Roya

Daftare Del

Famous Viola Concertos Vol.1

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