About Me

Hello, I’m Amir Hossein Taei, an artist of diverse talents harmonizing the realms of music and engineering. As a traditional vocalist, composer, and sound engineer, I traverse the boundaries of artistic expression and technical finesse. My journey is a testament to the entwined power of creativity and innovation. My story begins with a foundation in Mechanical Engineering, a discipline that equipped me with a unique lens through which to perceive music. This fusion of seemingly disparate fields has led to a distinctive musical identity. From collaborating with esteemed orchestras such as the Iran National Orchestra and Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra to venturing into composition and literature, I strive to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. Beyond the stage, I delve into composition, crafting musical projects that reflect my dedication to holistic creativity. Among my notable creations are two albums, including “Rahe Roya,” “Daftare Del,” and a book called “Famous Viola Concertos Vol. 1.” Join me in exploring this inspiring journey where artistry, innovation, and engineering harmonize, creating a symphony of boundless inspiration.